Abstract by Erika Jackson

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Erika Jackson

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Gabriel Valdivia Berroeta
Karissa Kenney

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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David Michaelis
Jeremy Johnson


Centrosymmetric versus non-centrosymmetric crystals for terahertz generation: Just one carbon away


Our research group synthesizes organic crystals that produce terahertz frequencies. Terahertz frequencies are ideal for imaging because it is lower in energy than other imaging options, making them safer to use. The crystals require high hyperpolarizability, non-centrosymmetric orientations, and transparency. The challenge is crystallizing these compounds that possess all the necessary characteristics. Currently, there are very few consistent methods of crystallization for our compounds that produce high quality crystals. We hypothesize that if we can find the optimal concentration and crystallization method, we will be able to consistently reproduce terahertz generating crystals. In order to test this hypothesis, we have aims that we are trying to achieve in the future.