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Mason Parkes

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Physics and Astronomy

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Karine Chesnel


Varying Processing Parameters to Investigate an Apparent Loss of Magnetic Domain Memory


My research focuses on Magnetic Domain Memory (MDM) phenomena occurring in thin ferromagnetic films. Data collected at the ALS at Berkeley and published in Nature Communications in 2016 have demonstrated that exchange-couplings, which occur between the ferromagnetic [Co/Pd] and antiferromagnetic IrMn layers when cooled below a certain blocking temperature under no or moderate magnetic field, induce up to 100 %  MDM. More recent data collected at the APS at Argonne National Laboratory indicates a total loss of MDM under conditions that had previously shown high MDM. We have varied parameters used to process recorded x-ray scattering images to investigate what effect they have on the MDM maps that we generate. We have applied a range of parameters to two series of images. One collected after cooling was completed under a high magnetic field (FC), where we expect little MDM, and another under zero field (ZFC), where we previously observed high MDM.