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Jake Jensen

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Eric Hintz
Mike Joner

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Physics and Astronomy

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Eric Hintz


H-alpha Filter observations of Open Star Clusters


Joner & Hintz (2015) described a set of two filters, one narrow, one wide, centered on the spectral line of the first hydrogen Balmer transition. Observing an astronomical object in each of these filters and taking the difference between the intensities of the object's light in those filters, you get a color index free from the effects of interstellar reddening. Recently, the capacities and advantages of the filters is being explored by observing different astronomical objects in said filters. This project focuses on the observation of open star clusters using these filters, clusters of stars that formed form the same gas clouds and are still in the process of star formation. We investigate the properties of the cluster we can determine from these filters, as well as investigate the cause of an anomoly in the plot of intensity of light vs color index.