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Sarah Hill

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Physics and Astronomy

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Scott Bergeson


Constructing a Helical Resonator for a Dual-Species Ion and Atom Trap


Dual-species plasmas expand too quickly for long time-scale measurements. The solution is to trap the individual ions, preventing plasma expansion. By trapping neutral atoms in a magneto optical trap, ionizing the atoms, and trapping the resulting ions in a Paul trap, the plasmas are successfully trapped for longer time periods, allowing for measurements of the internal interactions within the plasma. In order to use the Paul trap, we needed to create a way to deliver higher voltages to the trap at radio frequencies. We build a harmonic resonator to meet this goal in a cost-effective way. We report on successfully building a harmonic resonator that runs at 3.5 MHz and has a Q-factor of about 180, which amplifies our voltage by 10.