Abstract by Jonathan Lynch

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Jonathan Lynch

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Roger Harrison


Syntheses and Crystal Structures for Three Cu(II)-cyclen complexes


1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododecane (cyclen) and adamantane are both medically useful in different ways. Cyclen is important due to its role as a strong metal chelator; Cu(II) requires chelation such as this to reduce its toxicity for medicinal uses. While crystal structures of Cu(II)-cyclen sulfate are known, and syntheses with other anions are available, no crystal structures were found with non-sulfate anions. The adamantane moiety is also important, especially in drug delivery, due to the tunable biological activity of its derivatives. Adamantanes and cyclen could potentially pair well for tunable delivery of drugs containing metals. However, no work was found containing a direct N-substituted cyclen-adamantane structure. The synthesis, crystallization, and single crystal X-ray diffraction structures of a Cu(II)-cyclen-adamantane complex, Cu(II)-cyclen perchlorate, and Cu(II)-cyclen chloride will be discussed and compared to known structures.