Abstract by Jacob Livingston

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Jacob Livingston

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Computer Science

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Mike Goodrich




In modern technology we are moving towards a world where robots and humans can interact and provide mutual beneficial information. The current heuristic does not allow for a multi-human interaction with a swarm of robots. We propose that by using natural heuristics performed by many arthropodal swarms, including bees, ants, and locusts, we can solve the issue of a multi-user system. Bees and ants provide us with a best-of-n model of finding the best site of n randomly located sites. Within this heuristic there is room for a hierarchical-organization to give commands and to receive relevant info. This model could also be used in a military context to survey an area and find enemy combatants. The ultimate goal is to combine many swarm models and a variety of hierarchical organizations to produce an efficient and effective multi-robot and multi-human heuristic.