Abstract by Grant Lofgreen

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Grant Lofgreen

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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David Michaelis


Novel Peptide Catalyst Stapling


Enzymes are the unequaled standard in terms of maximizing the efficiency and selectivity of chemical processes that are necessary to sustain and enhance life. The relatively rigid primary and secondary structure of enzymes is what makes this possible.  Therefore, our objective has been to develop new peptide-based catalysts that come as close as possible to mirroring natural enzymes, but with novel reactivity. Our current research has led to the discovery of a new hydrophilic peptide staple that stabilizes both the helicity of peptides, and their ability to withstand proteolysis.  Our initial studies show that this staple is capable of binding selectively to several different natural amino acids, which will allow for posttranslational stabilization of proteins.  This research will allow faster access to complex drug-like molecules as well as stabilizing peptide drugs.