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Colby Walker

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Mason Parkes
Karine Chesnel

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Physics and Astronomy

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Karine Chesnel


The effect of x-ray illumination on the magnetic domain memory in a [Co/Pd] / IrMn multilayers


Thin ferromagnetic films with perpendicular anisotropy exhibit nanosized magnetic domains in the shape of stripes. Magnetic domain memory (MDM) is the ability for the film to retrieve the same domain pattern as an external magnetic field is cycled even to the point of erasing the pattern. We are studying the effect of illumination by coherent x-rays on the occurrence of MDM in a [Co/Pd] / IrMn multilayers. Earlier studies have suggested that under higher dose of x-ray illumination, the material may lose its existing MDM. To investigate this potential effect we have used both x-ray resonant magnetic scattering (XRMS) together with magneto-transport to track the exchange bias while the sample is illuminated with x-rays. A loss of exchange bias would indicate that the x-rays illumination dose may alter the strength of the exchange couplings and ultimately the amount of exchange bias. Knowing if a loss of exchange bias has occurred requires collecting magneto-transport data as well as XRMS data and correlating the observed changes under various dose illuminations. I will show preliminary results, tuning the x-ray energy to the Co L3 edge.