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Michael Mortenson

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Physics and Astronomy

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Tracianne Neilsen


Extending Bandwidth for Intensity-based Sound Power Measurements


Sound power is a common metric for acoustic engineering and can measured using the intensity-based engineering standard. Traditional methods for intensity-based sound power estimation are limited in bandwidth at low frequencies by phase mismatch between microphones and at high frequencies by microphone spacing. The PAGE (Phase and Amplitude Gradient Estimation) method has been used to extend the bandwidth of intensity calculations. This project examines the efficacy of the PAGE method to overcome bandwidth limitations in estimating sound power with a blender as the sound source. The sound power was computed according to the intensity-based standard for both the traditional and PAGE methods. The resulting intensity-based sound power estimates are compared against sound power measurements obtained according to the scientific standard from pressure measurements in the reverberation chamber. The PAGE method increases the bandwidth over which reliable estimates are achievable for intensity-based sound power estimates. Thus, using existing equipment, industry professionals can extend the bandwidth of sound power estimates with the PAGE method.