Abstract by Israel Lopez Altamirano

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Israel Lopez Altamirano

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Computer Science

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Mike Goodrich


Effect of a 3D-Mixed-Reality Interface in Executing or Carrying Out User Intent.


3M. A user interface is the visual part of a computer application through which the user interacts with a program. 3D simulators and/or Mixed Reality interfaces are already gaining momentum as powerful tools for teaching and workforce training. Efficient use of these interfaces may depend on human capabilities for spatial cognition. However, it is unclear whether a 3D display, compared to a 2D display, enhances the user performance of an intent-based task. The purpose of this project is to better understand the effects of a 3D-mixed-reality interface in executing or carrying out user intent. To accomplish this goal, we are adapting a 2D interface of a path-planning application into a 3D mixed-reality solution. We plan to compare the user behavior in both the environments.