Abstract by Clayton Moss

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Clayton Moss

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Shayne A. Sorenson
Steven K. Kauwe
Jeremy A. Johnson

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Jeremy Johnson


Multi-Beam Plasma Terahertz Generation


Plasma-based generation schemes of terahertz (THz) are promising sources of high-field THz pulses, useful for ultrafast spectroscopic studies. We demonstrate a non-traditional experimental scheme for plasma-based THz generation using multiple laser pulses. With this setup we found that the THz emission of a plasma formed by a commensurate two-color pulse (containing a near IR frequency and its second harmonic) can be enhanced by the addition of an 800-nm pulse. We observed enhancements of the THz electric field by a factor of up to 30. Numerical calculations performed using the well-known photocurrent model are in good agreement with experimental results. Our results and modeling help suggest future avenues of improvement in practical table-top plasma generation of THz.