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David Foote

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Kevin Foote

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Richard Watt


Triferic as a Treatment for Anemia of Chronic Inflammation


Anemia of chronic inflammation (ACI) affects 15 million US patients. Inflammation releases hepcidin that degrades the Fe-exporter ferroportin trapping Fe in the liver and blocking Fe delivery to the bone marrow. A method to load Fe into transferrin (Tf) is needed to treat anemia. Rockwell Medical developed a Fe drug (Triferic) for ACI patients. Triferic is Fe3+ coordinated by citrate and pyrophosphate. The monomeric Fe in Triferic might be a substrate for transferrin. Our lab developed a transferrin Fe-loading assay to evaluate Triferic as a substrate for transferrin. Our preliminary work showed that Triferic effectively loads Fe into transferrin. We observed that pyrophosphate also enhances iron binding in transferrin.