Abstract by James Erikson

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James Erikson

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Emma McClure
Dr. John Colton
Dr. Troy Munro

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Physics and Astronomy

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John Colton


Photoluminescence Lifetime Measurements of CdTe Quantum Dots


Quantum dots are molecules made to a specific size in order to preserve quantum properties, which allows them to be useful in a variety of applications. We are investigating CdTe quantum dots with an energy gap tuned to 1.9 eV for potential use as a non-invasive medical temperature sensor. In particular, we have used time correlated single photon counting to measure the temperature dependence of the photoluminescence lifetime of the dots. Samples are excited with a 520 nm laser at temperatures ranging from 15K to 300K, and the lifetime is determined through a deconvolution of the measured data and the instrument response function of our equipment. Preliminary results have shown no particular temperature dependence, however more measurements need to be taken before conclusions can be drawn.