Abstract by Spencer Giddens

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Spencer Giddens

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Jared Whitehead


Optimization of the ICSHK Coding Scheme


Two common goals for electronic communication are reliability for the intended receiver and security against potential eavesdroppers. Currently, this is most commonly done in practice through cryptography. Physical layer security attempts to achieve these goals by exploiting properties of the physical channel through which the message is sent. Interleaved Coding for Secrecy with a Hidden Key (ICSHK) is a coding scheme that has been developed to provide physical layer security. The ICSHK scheme has a variety of input parameters that can be tweaked to affect how well it can provide secure and reliable communication. In order to obtain the best possible scheme, it is necessary to optimize the system over the various input parameters. Due to the nature of the parameters, this is a non-trivial task. An objective function is developed that compares the output of the ICSHK scheme to the ideal scenario. An modified gradient descent method is developed with an approximate gradient. Simulations are then run to obtain optimal values for the parameters.