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Grant Klingler

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Praneeth Madushan

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Daniel Austin


Paper Spray Mass Spectrometry


Like electro spray ionization (ESI), Paper spray (PS) is an easy method of ionizing analyte by applying high voltage to a triangular piece of paper that has been spotted with the analyte and a suitable solvent. While paper spray is effective when analyzing solutions, it also works with dissolved solid particles. However, it has proven much more difficult to acquire, dissolve, and analyze solids with accuracy, especially when the solid is small (less than one micron). Designs for cartridges that hold the paper tip in place have been researched with success, but, while this facilitates the use of paper spray, it does not ease the administering of a solid analyte. Our objective is to experimentally find an alternative strategy for sample acquisition and introduction for in-field analysis of very small samples. We hypothesize that a sticky paper will be effective for gathering samples that are too small for regular detection and that are not easily collected.