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Sean Chapman

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Shiladitya Chatterjeee

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Matthew Linford


Mathematical Analysis of Capillary Electropherograms of Autologously Doped and Undoped Blood


An ‘Autologous Blood Transfusion’ (ABT) is the reinjection of blood previously taken from an athlete to increase the oxygen transport capabilities of their blood during competition. Despite the World Anti-Doping Agency’s ban on such methods, abuse of ABT is a continuing issue. ABT can be a challenge to detect because of the similarities between an individual’s doped and undoped blood. In this work, we provide a complete mathematical analysis of undoped and doped (5% and 10%) blood samples, contrasting the results of statistical methods and less traditional mathematical tools to develop calibrations and/or group electropherograms. These doping levels were chosen due to the low physiological effect of doping below 5%, with 10% corresponding to the approximate ‘gain’ derived from the transfusion of a single unit of blood into an adult. Using an ILS model to predict doping levels, we could distinguish between doped and undoped blood with 99.8% accuracy. We believe that this methodology may be applicable to other challenging informatics problems.