Abstract by Jonard Corpuz Valdoz

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Jonard Corpuz Valdoz

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Poulson P. Daniel
Knight Connor
Zegarra R. Alejandro

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Pam Van Ry


4-dimensional cell imaging for disease modeling


Majority of the diseases do not have current models to represent the organotypic complexity of their invasiveness and pathology. Some diseases such as cancer metastasis and pulmonary fibrosis do not have effective treatments due to the lack of these relevant models. In view of this, we created a basic organotypic cell culture using fundamental cell types: Epithelial, Fibroblast and Endothelial. Prior to 3D culture, we induced each cell type to fluoresce using Blue-, Green-, and Red-Fluorescent protein derivatives using lentiviral gene insertion. We were able to create a 3D fluorescent lung tri-culture, that is to our knowledge, has never been shown previously. We aim to create a 4-dimensional imaging (3D + time-based imaging) which will be the first in the world. We view this model to revolutionize the drug screening practices currently employed.