Abstract by Lara Grether

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Lara Grether

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Richard Watt


Simple Empowering Lateral Flow Immunoassay


Lateral flow immunoassays (LFIs) are equipment-free tests that produce results quickly using small sample volumes. Colored lines appear as the test runs, indicating the presence of a biomarker. LFIs are ideal in a variety of settings.  Development of these assays can be complicated for small team operations, and tests are not sufficiently adaptable for low resource settings. If robust point of care tests can be developed on site, they can impact global health. We report a simplified empowering LFI (seLFI) that only requires printer paper.  This eliminates the use of nitrocellulose paper, sample pad, conjugate pad, absorbance pad and all assembly that is required. Additionally, test and control line antibodies can be applied to this paper by a roller ball pen, simplifying the development. The seLFI is a low-cost, labor-saving, single-sheet that performs comparably to commercially available LFIs. These tests could assist small team operations in developing versatile tests to use on site, or to resolve complications during commercialization. We present the proof-of-concept seLFI to improve the production, robustness and versatility of diagnostics research.