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Jacob Badger

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Sebastian Acosta
Vianey Villamizar

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Vianey Villamizar


High-Order Local Absorbing Boundary Condition for Efficient Computation of Acoustic Scattering from Multiple Arbitrary-Shaped Obstacles


Acoustic scattering is fundamental to a number of technologies ranging from sonar and ultrasonic imaging to recent high-intensity focused ultrasound cancer treatments, thus the accurate computation of scattered fields is of interest in a number fields. One popular method for computing such scattered fields involves truncating the domain and defining an equivalent interface boundary value problem. We present a high-order local absorbing boundary condition (ABC) for multiple scattering that is capable of producing high-order accurate interface conditions while preserving the sparsity of the numerical system. Scattered fields are then computed for arbitrary shaped obstacles by coupling the high-order local ABC to a second-order finite difference scheme in generalized curvi-linear coordinates. The resulting numerical method is shown to accurately predict scattering from multiple arbitrary shaped obstacles at a reduced computational cost compared to the results obtained using the well-known global DtN ABC.