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Elise Gertsch


Logan Perry

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Logan Perry

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Matthew Heaton


R Shiny Principles of Statistics App


This application was built in R Shiny, which is an R package focused on interactive web-based app creation without HTML, CSS, or Javascript knowledge. The purpose of the app is to help students better visualize statistical concepts and perform statistical analyses in a controlled environment, and to simulate the use of statistical software. The app is divided into eight subsections: Basics, Normal Probability Calculator, Sampling Distribution of x , Procedures for Means, Z Procedures for Proportions, ANOVA, Chi-Square, and Regression. The first three are for tools for learning basic concepts like the different plot methods or understanding a concept like the central limit theorem, while the latter five tabs are all analyses that students are expected to be able to carry out by the end of the class. Both the Procedures for Means and Procedures for Proportions have sub-tabs for z-procedures as well as one and two sample procedures.