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Eric Lysenko

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Traci Neilsen

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Physics and Astronomy

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Tracianne Neilsen


Preliminary attempts to isolate ground-radiated noise from exploding balloons


Seismic-acoustic coupling is a phenomenon where seismic waves generate air-borne acoustic signals. This effect makes it difficult to distinguish sound due to coupling or purely air-borne transmission. In our experiment, we detonate balloons filled with a stoichiometric oxy-acetylene mix via electric match. we isolate ground waves to observe the seismic-acoustic coupling effect by constructing a portable soundproof box to deaden air-borne sound wave. Signals observed from a microphone placed in the box seem consistent with seismic-acoustic signals when compared to signals observed in microphones adjacent to the apparatus. Reverberation chamber testing of the box frequency response will give more precise information on noise levels and frequencies filtered. These results could suggest a viable technique for measuring seismic-acoustic coupling in different materials.