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Tyler Westover



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Physics and Astronomy

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Robert Davis


Polymer templated annealing of gold nanowires


Using bottom up nanofabrication techniques we are able to form gold nanowires of small dimension or high conductivity, but not both. These wires are formed using a DNA origami template to direct assembly of nanoparticles or nanorods, followed by electrochemical plating. These metal deposition processes result in non-ideal microstructure and correspondingly low conductivities. To remedy this, we have tried to improve conductivity through annealing, however annealing causes the wires to coalesce into beads. We have found that through the use of a polymer the wires can be templated to retain their overall morphology, while improving surface roughness, throughout a low temperature anneal. We have measured these wires to have less than 1kOhm resistances by electron beam induced deposition, in a four point configuration. Since electron beam induced deposition does not require any sample preparation we can successfully measure the change in resistance due to annealing. We will present results on polymer templating, showing that the wires maintain their overall morphology with improved conductivities during low temp (200° C) annealing.