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Tara Nye



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Geological Sciences

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John McBride


Geophysical Exploration of the Hurricane Fault and its Use in Determing Fluid Discharge Sites in Complex Fault Zones at Pah Tempe Hot Springs, Hurricane, Utah


The Hurricane Fault is a normal fault that trends along the Colorado Plateau-Basin and Range transition zone.  The footwall damage zone of the fault at Pah Tempe hot springs, located in the Virgin River gorge between the towns of La Verkin and Hurricane, Utah, contains numerous smaller fracture zones.  These fracture zones can be correlated with the geothermal springs in the Virgin River using geochemical and geophysical data.  This presentation focuses on the geophysical data collected for the project.  A seismic compressional wave profile and a horizontally-polarized shear wave profile were acquired in the Virgin River gorge just north of the river.  The reflection data were then processed into common depth-point stacks using Halliburton software and are now being interpreted using Kingdom software.  The P-wave data provide a deeper look into subsurface, while the S-wave data provide shallower information, but with higher resolution. This project will allow us to test the value of geophysical exploration for determining the locations of fluid discharge sites in a complex fault zone.