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Jared Dickson


Nathan Giauque

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Steven Goates


Low Dead Volume Detection for Chromatography


In chromatography, and especially high performance liquid chromatography, spectroscopic detection typically utilizes an elongated configuration to increase the optical path length. This method is popular for achieving low detection limits; however, the additional column (or dead) volume hampers the chromatographic resolution. In past experiments, a greater intensity has been observed in Raman signals utilizing packed detection columns. It is hypothesized that compared to an unpacked column, the multiple scattering of light from silica packing can increase the optical path length leading to greater signal strength. This work compares the fluorescence signal strength of packed and unpacked columns.  A dilute solution of Rhodamine B is excited with a 314.5 nm CW argon ion laser.  The observed fluorescence signals are baseline corrected using HPLC-grade distilled water.  Analysis of this data may lead to the possibility of using packed columns in the place of elongated configurations.