Abstract by Abraham De la Cruz

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Abraham De la Cruz



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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Daniel Austin


Experimental observation of the effect of Translational and rotational Electrode Misalignment on a Planar Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer.


Miniaturization of Ion Traps (IT) poses intricate obstacles in achieving optimum IT performance. At such reduced volumes electrode misalignment can easily affect ion trap capacity, sensitivity and electric field performance. Two-Plate Linear Ion Trap (LIT) is an ideal candidate to study the effects of misalignment at the miniature scale because of its simplicity, having only 6 degrees of freedom (three rotational and three translational). Plates were lithographically patterned with aluminum lines as electrodes. High precision motorized actuators were used to test electrode misalignment on five of the six degrees of freedom with D8-toluene as sample. One plate was fixed while the other plate was positioned at the different degrees of freedom. The five degrees of freedom were labeled: x, y, z, pitch and yaw. Experimental results were compared to previous reported simulations using SIMION. The results presented in this project provide further understanding on the effects of electrode misalignment with the aim to achieve optimum ion trap performance at miniature scale.