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Caleb Goates



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Physics and Astronomy

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Scott Sommerfeldt


Vibration-based sound power calculation with acoustic radiation modes


Sound power is a metric that quantifies the total sound put out by an object, and it is used to rate products for noise safety or satisfaction.  Current methods to measure sound power are often inaccessible to companies because of prohibitive costs.  Our research is working to provide an alternative method to calculate sound power based on vibration measurements made with a scanning laser Doppler vibrometer.  This is done by expanding the vibration of an object in terms of orthogonal “modes” that describe the radiated sound field.  The math behind these calculations has been around for decades and has been used extensively in numerical experiments, but no development of the method for experimental sound power measurement has been published, to the knowledge of our research group.  This presentation will detail the application of the method to a flat plate, for which the radiation modes may be found analytically.