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Sean Lane



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Computer Science

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Sean Warnick


Contingency Analysis of Critical Infrastructure Systems


Previous research has been performed to analyze cyber-physical system vulnerabilities in the form of a feedback robustness check on isolated links of the selected system. My current work has been focused on extending this work to perform contingency analysis of critical infrastructure systems, such as municipal power and water distribution systems, to understand the interdependencies that exists between these interconnected systems.

Different approaches have been used to analyze infrastructure interdependencies, including empirical, agent-based, economics theory, network topology, and system dynamics approaches. However, none have created an integrated, unified model that incorporates the dynamics of each network.

The final result of this research will be a tool that allows for better understanding of vulnerabilities that arise from the interdependence of each network. Issues that might not be immediately apparent or exist in isolation could arise when networks are tightly coupled together, which is becoming increasingly common.