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Kyle Gardner



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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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John Price


Determining the Effects of Caloric Restriction on Ribosome Maintenance and Protein Quality Control


Ribosomes are essential machinery in our cells. If they do not function properly, disease and aging can occur due to incorrectly synthesized proteins. Previous research from our lab has shown that some ribosomal proteins are interchanged during the life of the ribosome. Our goal is to identify how ribosome protein exchange is connected to ribosome function. Our data suggests that mice that are aging quickly generally have a lower turnover rate among their ribosomal proteins while genetically identical mice which are aging more slowly turnover their ribosomal proteins at a faster rate. Rapidly aging mice have a higher demand for protein synthesis and we hypothesize that some ribosomal proteins cannot be replaced while the ribosomal subunits are joined together and in use. Ribosomes that are in constant use seem to be unable to exchange r-proteins. As we move forward, we hope to learn the biological pathways responsible for the change in turnover and how that can apply to age-related disease.