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Chelsea Jolley


April Trevino

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Geological Sciences

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Sam Hudson


Fluvial Connectivity Analysis and Reservoir Characterization of the Trail Member, Ericson Sandstone, Mesaverde Group in Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah


The Trail Member of the Cretaceous Ericson Sandstone is exposed throughout Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado. The fluvial-dominated Trail Member formed as sediments traveled from the Sevier thrust belt to the Western interior seaway. Well-exposed outcrops allow for collection of many detailed stratigraphic columns and allow for collection of samples for reservoir characterization. In addition to outcrop observations, photogrammetric analysis will provide high-resolution imagery to determine fluvial architectural patterns to be used for static reservoir modeling. Regional observations suggest that spatial variability in the net-to-gross of the Trail Member, as well as temporal variability in the amount and character of reservoir sands, play a key role in the unpredictability of this reservoir. It is significant that although the character of the Trail strata varies, this interval is consistently very rich in sand, and grain size does not change drastically along the length of observed outcrops. This research will lead to better predictability in exploration efforts, and a better understanding of fine-scale and regional paleogeography of the region.