Abstract by Rebecca Clark

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Rebecca Clark



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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Merritt Andrus


Synthesis of Englerin A analog for future RCC drug activity


Having strong potency and selective activity against renal cell carcinoma, Englerin A is a desired natural product obtained from the East African shrub, Phyllanthus engleri. Lengthy synthesis pathways have been introduced, but do not provide the simplicity and efficiency necessary for the development of Englerin A as a RCC (renal cell carcinoma) drug candidate. Our proposed 9 step synthesis results in the desired Englerin A analog through a relatively inexpensive and effective synthesis. Thus far we have successfully synthesized 7 steps including a unique Michael Addition. Considering the current deficiency of RCC drugs and the decreasing mortality rates due to kidney cancer, the urgency of this drug is clear. Upon completion of the synthesis and further potency tests against human RCC cell lines, the Englerin A analog will serve as a potential drug candidate as well as offer a starting point for future analogs.