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Eunice Tan


Tanner Norton

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Computer Science

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Casey Deccio


A Quantitative Study of the Deployment of Email Anti-Spoofing Mechanisms


Email has become a standard form of communication between businesses. With the prevalent used of emails as a form of communication between businesses and customers, phishing emails have emerged as a popular social engineering approach. Anti-spoofing mechanisms such as SPF have been developed as the first line of defense against spoofing by validating the source of an email as well as the options of handling emails that failed the check. Despite the advantages, anti-spoofing mechanisms have not been widely adopted. To better quantify and improve the adoption of this and other security protocols, we propose to quantify their deployment and maintenance complexity by developing metrics that capture the benefits and risk associated with the adoption. Armed with the metrics, we can incentivize the deployment of important protocols, such as those used for email protection, thus making the Internet safer