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Shad Karlson



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Gilbert Fellingham


BYU Hockey Analytics


My presentation is on the analytics work I've done for the BYU hockey team. As a second year player on the team myslef, this project has been significant to me as I have a vested interest in the team's success. I started off by retrieving the data from my coach, Dr. Ed Gantt, and adding to the sports database the last four years worth of data. I took player statistics and standardized them so that I could see each players per game average for the major categories (goals, assists, points, penalty minutes, shots on goal, hits, shot blocks, giveaways, and takeaways). I recorded which players have consistently been above team averages every year that they've played so as to give Coach Gantt an accounting of which players are reliable roster options for different game situations (such as the power play, penalty kill, etc). Finally, I watched game film from a sample number of games and recorded stats on two new categories that coach has an interest in (chips off the boards and odd man rushes) to see the relationship between these categories and the team's goal scoring trends.