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Katelynn Smith



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Geological Sciences

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John McBride, Sam Hudson, Steve Nelson, Greg Carling


A Geophysical and Geological Analysis of a Regressive-Phase Lake Bonneville Deposit, Pilot Valley, NV


Pilot Valley, north of West Wendover, NV, contains numerous shorelines and depositional remnants of ancient Lake Bonneville. While lake levels fluctuated due to flooding events, climatic changes were the dominant factor in controlling lake elevation. In Pilot Valley, the paleowind entered from the northwest and circulated clockwise around the basin, forming barrier sand bars and v-bars in multiple orientations; v-bars are barriers that form in a v-shape due to opposing wind directions. These barriers are boundaries between the shoreline and the land. On the western side of the valley, a regressive phase beach deposit, dated at 16.5-14.1 cal ka, is hypothesized to have been a barrier shortly after the Provo Shoreline. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) data, stratigraphic sections, cores, mineralogical analysis, and the collection of gastropod samples for radiocarbon dating resulted in a reconstruction of the deposit’s depositional environment and local paleoclimate for Lake Bonneville.