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Maddi Taylor



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Marjan Hashemi

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Paul Savage


In vitro activity of ceragenins against Candida auris biofilms


Known to be a major cause of nosocomial infections, Candida auris has emerged as an increasing threat to global health. Many clinical isolates have been found with drug resistance to antifungal agents, including some strains which are resistant to three of the most common antifungal classes such as azoles, polyenes, and echinocandins. Ceragenins, an alternative to antifungals, have proven effective against resistant planktonic and biofilms of various pathogens and was used as the main target treatment against C. auris. To quantify and visualize the effects of ceragenins on C. auris biofilms, a metabolic assay and confocal imaging of treated and control biofilms was performed. The metabolic assay demonstrated strong antibiofillm activity by ceragenins which is comparable to the three tested antifungal drugs. Confocal imaging of C. auris treated biofilms showed extracellular matrix penetration of ceragenins of the aggregates of cells in the biofilm causing cell death, while untreated biofilms showed aggregates of living cells.