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Seth Stewart



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Computer Science

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Bill Barrett


Pixel-Labeling Document Images using Neural Networks for Content Masking and Text Recognition


Much of world and family history is trapped on paper forms such as birth records, census records, and marriage certificates. We use artificial neural networks to peel apart a document image automatically into semantically distinct layers isolating machine print, handwriting, etc. Our technique accurately labels new document images even when trained on a single document image having a completely different layout. Our method uniquely allows for recovery of overlapped content, and shows potential for enabling semantic association of discovered fields. For example, we can lexically refine handwriting recognized as part of a "Name", "Date", or "Birthplace" field, improving accuracy.
Using our method, we achieve winning results in a pixel classification challenge on a public document image dataset, but we also show that the same framework we use for content classification can also be used to perform character recognition directly, without any complex and error-prone pipeline.