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Kenneth Stocks



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Computer Science

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Casey Deccio


Dns Proximity and Behavior


The Domain name system (or DNS) is major part of the way the Internet operates although we hardly ever see what is actually happening behind the scenes. The DNS translates domain names like into a number that the computer translates into an ip address or number that tells the computer where to send and receive information from. Every question asked between these servers takes time, and although the time taken may be very small, it can be used to calculate the geographical distance between the two servers.

A part of calculating the DNS geographical proximity is understanding the way it asks questions to other servers. Since the DNS has been around since the Internet’s creation many have studied its use and security. Companies have sprung up to develop and support the domain name system and have created their own server implementations to run it. My research focuses on characterizing these implementations and their behavior to accurately predict geographical distance.