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Ben Godwin



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Geological Sciences

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John McBride


Thermal water inflow correlation with subsurface offsets in the footwall damage zone of the Hurricane Fault at Pah Tempe hot springs, Hurricane, Utah.


Thermal spring water inflows are distinct from the Virgin river at Pah Tempe hot springs in Timpoweap canyon, Hurricane, Utah. These waters have been contoured chemically, using a KorDSS water probe, in comparison to the Virgin river which flows through Timpoweap canyon, which is located within the damage zone of the Hurricane fault. Seismic P and S wave surveys have been conducted in order to view offsets in the subsurface along the damage zone in Timpoweap canyon. These offsets in the subsurface represent faults and fractures that I believe are responsible for, or correlated with, the distinct thermal water inflows within the riverbed at Pah Tempe. Correlation of these offsets with the thermal water contour has the potential to yield evidence that such damage zone features are providing conduits for Pah Tempe's deeply circulated thermal water to surface, thus creating the springs.