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Aaron Zaugg



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Marjan Hashemi

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Paul Savage


Susceptibility of drug resistant C. auris to ceragenins


                  As most clinical isolates of Candida auris have shown resistance to at least one class of antifungal agent there is growing concern about their potential threat to human health. We have measured the susceptibility of C. auris isolates to small molecule mimics of antimicrobial peptides called ceragenins. A total of 100 isolates of C. auris were screened for susceptibility to lead ceragenins, with both planktonic cells and biofilms tested. Scanning electron and confocal microscopy were used to observe changes in morphology in fungal cells brought on by ceragenin treatments. Lead ceragenins had activities against planktonic C. auris comparable to common antifungal agents and no cross resistance with other antifungals was observed. Ceragenins were also active against fungal biofilms and were active when tested ex vivo against established infections. The activity of ceragenins against C. auris in these various forms and environments warrants further study into the potential of ceragenins as antifungal agents in clinical or topical applications.