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Michael Nelson



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Physics and Astronomy

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Larry Rees


Optimization of Large Data Analysis


Research projects in many fields, such as nuclear physics where this project originated, have to analyze mass amounts of data with very little of it being of interest. Thousands of fission events can be observed and recorded in a second, and yet perhaps only a few events of interest happen per minute. Still, every individual event must be analyzed to some degree before being set aside, and thousands of targeted events must still be found, identified, recorded and analyzed in detail. This presentation will outline some of the difficulties in data analysis and visualization that were encountered and will demonstrate some of the more useful and interesting techniques learned to handle them. These include the automation of non-critical event analysis, data visualization, and optimization methods for mathematical analysis of mass data. Data visualization techniques will be covered in special detail, with an emphasis on the usefulness of charts and graphs in both data visualization and filtering.