Abstract by Dallin Pulsipher

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Dallin Pulsipher



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Brennan Smith

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Computer Science

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Seth Holladay


Endogenous vs Exogenous Gamification


We are doing research and conducting an experiment to see the effectiveness of video games to help people accomplish goals. We are testing two different gamification frameworks both exogenous(Value that does not directly effect the game) and endogenous rewards (value that comes from within and affects the game). We have created two different versions of the game, one with exogenous and one with endogenous value. We are currently underway with the experiment with over 40 people participating. We hope to see which version of the game is the most effective. We hope to find that the Endogenous version will prove to be more effective and motivating for people. We will test how much time they spent in the game, the amount of time doing chores, and to see if their overall interest level increases in doing chores