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Michael Greenburg



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Physics and Astronomy

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Steven Turley


Surface Roughness\' Effects on Reflectance


My research involves determining the effect on reflectivity of surface roughness that is similar in scale to the wavelength of incident light. The influence of surface roughness is fairly well understood in the cases that it is much smaller or larger than the wavelength of light being reflected, but otherwise simplifying approximations break down. One must solve a matrix-vector equation representing a boundary integral problem to determine reflectance as a function of angle. I have retrofitted a program that does so in two dimensions to allow massive parallelism, and huge computations will be within reach once I complete the 3-D program and confirm that its results are consistent with those of the 2-D program. This will allow discrimination between the effects of roughness and the effects of surface size, giving a much-improved model of wavelength-sized roughness’ effects on reflectance. I will report on the results of the comparison between the 2-D and 3-D programs, the implications thereof, and preliminary results.