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Adam Burdett


Tanner Grimm

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Tanner Grimm

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Computer Science

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Phil Windley


Pico Behavioral Based Robotics


Subsumption architecture, or Behavioral Based Robotics (BBR), is a reactive approach to programming robots.  The idea is that the interactions of many simple, sensor-driven behaviors can lead to the creation of more meaningful complex behaviors.  This research explores using the Pico engine to implement a behavioral based robot.  The Pico Engine is a IoT platform used to evaluate KRL rules on specific device shadows called Picos.  We hypothesize the event-driven distributed model of Picos as an elegant platform for Subsumption architectures.  To test this hypothesis, we have been researching behavioral based robotics while discussing how known patterns will be constructed with Picos.  We are interfacing the Pico engine with a simulator to test the performance of the Pico engine.  The Pico engine will be tested by controlling multiple sensor feeds while evaluating a collection of rules which implement basic robotic control behavior.