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Ally McCormick



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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Jennifer Nielson


Evaluating the Effectiveness of Student-Generated Questions


Student-generated questions are a learning strategy used by instructors to increase student retention and understanding. Overall, student-generated questions have shown to be more effective than just rereading passages or solving additional practice problems. Despite the benefits of this instructional technique, few resources are available to teachers. We used an RCT design to study this effect and determine if the result were real and statistically significant. Each week the students were randomly assigned into 8 groups and given a specific topic to create a question for. Prendus, the platform we used, allowed students to submit these questions and also gave them the ability to review their peers' questions. Our results showed that the test scores of students who generated questions compared to those who didn't were not real or statistically different. We believe that the outcome may have been different if students were given more instruction on how to write effective questions, and if the platform didn't limit students to submitting only multiple-choice style questions.