Abstract by Jonard Valdoz

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Jonard Valdoz



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Tsz Yin Chan
Christina Egbert
Logan Larsen

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Joshua Andersen


TNK1 interactors and implications in cancer survival


Non-receptor Tyrosine Kinase 1 (TNK1) is an understudied protein that was previously shown to promote cell growth in cancer cells. In contrast, its specific effects on growth and survival is not well-understood yet. Here, we have observed that knock out of the protein causes aberrant proliferation. Moreover, we found that upon mutations of TNK1 and identifying enrichment of their specific interactors, autophagic, receptor trafficking and migration proteins are varying between wild type and truncated forms. Upon imaging of the cellular EGFR in breast cancer cells, we also found that WT TNK1-transfected cells have more pronounced EGFR-containing vesicles, while TNK1 1-580-expressing cells have more stabilized EGFR. Our results suggest that TNK1 may control RTK dynamics. Interestingly, we also found mutations in human cancer samples that truncate the C-terminus of TNK1, which may promote stabilization of RTKs in those tumors. Our results suggest a novel point of therapy for cancer cells dependent on receptor signaling.