Abstract by Annie Armitstead

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Annie Armitstead



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Lara Grether

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Richard Watt


Paper Lateral Flow Immunoassay


Lateral flow immunoassays, or LFI, are equipment-free tests that produce results in 20 minutes and use small sample volumes. Red lines appear as the test runs, indicating the presence of a biomarker in a sample. They are ideal for clinics and homes, though LFI kits are costly for the countries that need them most, developing countries. We propose the LFI can be modified from a layered form to a low-cost, labor-saving, single-sheet form, and give identical results. We have tested a proof-of-concept paper LFI model (pLFI) on a small, single-layer strip. To prove pLFI results during optimization, we are developing a control LFI; we will then optimize the pLFI and test it alongside this control. We have initial data of conjugated antibodies binding to analytes secured to paper and nitrocellulose. With further research and testing, both control LFI and pLFI tests can be successfully developed.