Abstract by Jonathan Lynch

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Jonathan Lynch



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Roger Harrison

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Roger Harrison


Polyamine Complexes of Copper (II) for Influenza A M2 Inhibition


Influenza A continues to be an evolving threat and active topic of research. The M2A channel, a proton pump that activates the flu’s reproductive cycle, is one avenue of research with a somewhat limited ability to evolve defenses. Most M2A studies have focused on solving the channel’s structure and learning more about its activation and pumping mechanisms. However, mechanistic studies on rules for selection and rejection for ingress of molecules into the channel have been somewhat lacking. This is especially true concerning charged metal complexes targeting the His37 residue, an absolutely-conserved site essential for channel activation. The synthesis and characterization of several polyamine copper complexes will be outlined, and their activity in the channel will be discussed. Work with these dicationic complexes will be compared to previous research on net-neutral diacetate complexes.