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Carter Day



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Jarom S. Jackson

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Physics and Astronomy

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Dallin Durfee


Simulating aberrations in IPSII imaging


Interference Pattern Structured Illumination Imaging (IPSII) is a new lensless imaging method we are developing in our lab, which could potentially achieve resolutions higher than the conventional limit for optical imaging. This method uses laser interference to project different patterns of light onto an object. By measuring the light scattered by these patterns, the Fourier coefficients of the object can be determined, and an image of the object can be calculated. I am working on simulating IPSII images of three-dimensional objects using fast fourier transform and inverse transform methods in Python. These calculations will allow me to determine the effect of different non-idealities, such as shadows in the illumination created by three-dimensional objects and errors in the angle or period of the interference fringes.