Abstract by Paul Russavage

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Paul Russavage



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Traci Neilsen
Kent Gee
Hales Swift
Menley Stewart

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Physics and Astronomy

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Traci Neilsen


Testing Our Perception of Jet Crackle



The high-amplitude noise from military aircraft is annoying to the communities that lie along their flight path. Crackle, an impulsive aspect of jet noise caused by acoustic shocks, has been identified as a contributor to the perceived loudness and annoyance of military jet noise. To further investigate how crackle is linked to annoyance, we have designed listening tests to examine the relationship between physical metrics of jet noise signals and perceived crackle. Upon analysis of the test results, it is found that there is a high correlation between perception of crackle and skewness of the first time derivative of the pressure waveform. A five-point scale appears to be an effective tool to measure crackle perception. These insights will help inform community noise models, allowing them to incorporate annoyance due to jet crackle.