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Kevin Toney


Tanner Brotherson

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Garritt Page

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Garritt Page


How Switching Leagues Affects Basketball Performance


Our purpose is to determine how an international basketball player’s offensive performance is affected by changing leagues. In other words, we will determine a rating correction factor for different leagues. The comparison will account for intra- and cross-league variability. To measure offensive skill we focused on a metric called efficient offensive performance per 40 minutes (EOPx40M).

To study the EOPx40M, we employed a Bayesian hierarchical model to estimate the average for three league groups, Euroliga, Eurocup, and Other. After comparing the distributions of each league’s EOPx40M estimates, we concluded the metric is significantly affected by moving between the three leagues, with Euroliga being significantly lower than the others. We postulated this difference is an artifact of distinct difficulty levels. Once the project is complete, Xpheres Basketball Management will better approach the negotiation of player contracts in a new league.