Abstract by Maxwell Wright

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Maxwell Wright



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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Daniel Mortensen


Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting: Essential to Pure, Desired Samples


Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) has a wide range of applications and can be used to purify samples after transfection. Pre-experimental consultations with research groups from several areas of study help improve the caliber of results produced by the FACS. During the experiment, a post-sort analysis can be performed to confirm successful gating and sorting of desired populations. I found that obstacles in achieving both not simply due to poor preparation but the inherently difficult task of working a cell line. Many FACS users work with cell lines that are not ideal for transfection but critical to their research endeavors. As a result, they bring samples with very few successfully transfected cells. Fearing the loss of the precious little they have, the majority of users opt out of a post-sort analysis which is another step that requires a portion of sorted sample. I plan to convey the importance of the tradeoff between time spent preparing cell lines and samples and the quality of data produced by the FACS.